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Trimurti Pure Silver 999 Religious Coin 2.5 Grams Set of 15 Religious Coin

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Ganesha is the lord of Muladhara. Also removes obstacles. Unites opposing forces.
Saraswati is consort of brahma who is the lord of creation and also represents swadistana chakra. So saraswati supply the chakra with knowledge of creation.
Lakshmi is the consort of vishnu who represents Manipura chakra. Lakshmi is the supplier if infinite wealth.
These three chakras combines totally the healthy and wealthy physical and material life with happiness.
So the combination of the three if worshipped with heartful devotion will bring luck.

Material- Pure Silver
Purity- 99.9%
Weight Of Each Coin- 2.5 Grams
Quantity- 15 Pcs
Net Weight- 37.5 Grams

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