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Parad Shivling – Mercury Shivling Small to Medium all Sizes available

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There are multiple types of Shivling revered as a formless incarnation of the great Lord Shiva. About twenty types of Shivling are mentioned in the Puranas that are worshipped for different purposes. Among all forms of Shivalinga, Parad Shivling is commonly worshipped to invoke infinite fortune and exceptional blessings of Lord Shiva.

Parad Shivling was worshipped by Ravan!
The evidence of worshipping Parad Shivling is mentioned in many scriptures; moreover, it is said that a great Shiv Devotee “Ravan” also created a Parad Shivling to worship & please Lord Shiva, thus, attained all the prosperity and power.

Shivling made-up of Mercury is not ordinary!
पारद or Mercury is a liquid metal. It is also used in the thermometer to measure body temperature. Parad is considered the seed of Lord Shiva, thus, sanctified. Parad Shivling is formed when the liquid metal Mercury is mixed with other chemicals to solidify it through different procedures. However, Parad Ling is a gross form of Lord Shiva worshipping what you attain luck and abundance with the grace of Lord Shiva.

Worship Parad Shivling and get connected with Lord Shiva!
Worshipping Shivling is an old custom that blesses with everything one can desire for. Not only it grants wishes and boons but liberates one from the karmic debts and critical sins of even Brahman or cow slaughter. Anything that assumes the form of a phallus emblem becomes Siddha and accords blessings when worshipped with faith. Likewise, Parda, when given the shape of Shivling, becomes auspicious and worthy of being worshipped. He who worships Parad Shivling becomes a favourite of Lord Shiva and attains everything in life.

Parad Shivling gives a burst of divine energy!
Parad Shivling has a soothing impact on the brain and heart. Just by gazing at it, one could experience a deep sense of peace. Establishing and worshipping it duly bolsters peace and happiness in the house. The presence of this positive Linga within the premises allows auspicious events to take place which leads to contentment.

Parad Shivling – a holy grail for material desires!
The greatness of Mercury Linga is not possible to describe in words. It is quite fruitful and beneficial. Its grace bestows one with abundance, thus, all the wealth, luxuries, vehicles, success, and status in society. A family man must take recourse to the Parad Shivling to run the life smoothly.

Revere Ling of Mercury and enjoy an ideal married life!
This Ling is a secret of happy married and family life. Worshipping Parad Shivling removes obstacles and delays occurring in marriage and helps in attracting the partner of the dream. It is also worshipped by married couples to strengthen their bonds and support of each other for a long. It is an ultimate remedy to complete the family as it grants the boon of progeny and blesses obedient children.

Planets don’t dare to trouble if you have the support of Parad Ling!
People often perform various remedies to calm the planets, but worshipping Parad Shivling wards off the ill effects of all planets and neutralizes them. It is capable of dismissing the poor effects of Dashas, planets, and adverse Yogas. The divine emblem also possesses the power of diminishing fear of life & birth, thus, making you sport about fearlessly.

How to establish Parad Shivling at home?
The Parad is a holy and sanctified metal; thus, it does not need any added purification. However, to establish this auspicious Shivling at home, it is wise that you perform some simple yet proper rites to pay respect to the Linga. Here are the simple steps to establish Parad Shivling:

Acquire and establish it on a Monday, Shivratri day or any auspicious day.
The first step is to worship Lord Ganesha – the primal Lord.
Perform Rudra Abhisheka with either holy water of Ganga or a mixture of cow’s milk, Ganga Jal, Ghee, Curd, and Honey; while performing Abhisheka, chant a Shiva Mantra at least 108 times.
Make the ling dry with a clean cloth and place it on a clean Asna (seat or cloth).
Offer things like flowers, Bilva leaves, rice, and sweets, etc. You can simply offer Bilva Leaves also.
Show Dhoop and Deep to the Shivling and perform Aarti.
Establish the Ling and daily worship or at least bow before the Linga for peace, prosperity, and progress.
Performing any remedies or Mantra chanting before the Parad Shivling yields ultimate results.
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