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Natural 12 Face Java Rudraksha

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Original price
$58.00 - $62.00
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Size:- 17 to 18 MM (Apx.)
Origin:- Java
Metal Material:- Pure Silver

Twelve Faced or 12 Mukhi Rudraksha has the blessing of the Lord Sun. According to Hindu mythology, the twelve Adityas stays in the twelve faces of this Rudraksha. This Rudraksha blesses the wearer with the quality of the Sun to keep moving with brilliant radiance and strength. Due to the blessing of the immense power of the planet sun, this Rudraksha removes the lethargic attitude and increases the radiance and positive attitude towards life. As per Padma Purana, a wearer of this Rudraksha can free himself from the fear of fire and diseases. The 12 Mukhi Rudraksha is the Centre of Brilliancy, Luster, Radiance, and Strength of 12 forms of the God The Sun SURYA. It effectively controls the malefic effects of the Sun at the Physical level such as Diseases of the Right Eye, Headache, ear ailments, Bone weakness, etc, and at the spiritual level such as lack of Confidence, Personal Power, and Prosperity. Its wearer never suffers from physical and mental pains. The person who wears the 12 Mukhi Rudraksha gets administrative capacity limitlessly. The 12 Mukhi Rudraksha must be worn by politicians and businessmen and aspirants of name and fame.
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