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Brass Round Labyrinth Yantra Remove Negativity and Serious Health Issues

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Vastu Samadhan Brass Labyrinth Yantra ( 3.5 * 3.5 Inch ) ( 220 Grams ) ( Metal : Brass )
Remove Negativity and Serious Health Issues
Wards off the Evil Effect of Black Magic
WHERE TO USE: - Always In Your Pocket / Under Your Pillow

The first ring of the labyrinth is our initiation cycle ~
For you, this could have been the moment you got pregnant. Or maybe it was the moment you went into labor. Honestly, I think the first ring of my labyrinth began when I married my husband Adam.

The second ring represents your descent~
It’s Inanna’s journey into the underworld. The unknown. She must lose herself so she can find herself again… but she’ll be different.

The third ring represents creation~
It’s where new life begins. it’s usually the third year that a mother understands what it means to be a mother. And she starts to sink into her new role. It’s also when many of the trials in the first two years subside, and the mother can come more Into herself.

The fourth ring represents completion and a stability ~
In this cycle you may feel more secure in yourself and in your environment. Something that you were working on in the last three cycles, has come to a stable place.

The fifth ring represents resurrection~
You have rebirthed yourself – and you are emerging from the labyrinth with a new personality, a new point of view and a new strength.

The sixth ring represents the rising~
You now feel like you can teach the journey to others.

The seventh ring represents the exit~
Just like the 7 chakras, or the 7 days of the week…

It takes 7 cycles, and possibly 7 years, to fully anchor the mother self.
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