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Vastu Space Harmoniser Pyramid with Vastu Purush for Brahmasthan and Vastu Defects

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Vastu Space Harmonizer-Vastu Purush Pyramid

Size- 8.5 x 8.5 inches

Weight- 2.3 Kg approx

Powerful Vastu Solution-Your space harmonizer- Most super-power yantra

Highly effective vastu correction for serious and bigger  Vastu defects in the home, office or


 Design of the Vastu yantra pyramid is derived from the ancient  scriptures & Texts

  • This powerful pyramid can correct Vastu defects to a high degree in the area of 100 meters
  • The Vastu Yantra pyramid removes the blockage of 70 to 80% of negative energies from the surrounding.
  • In the eight directions around the center pyramid, there are eight smaller pyramids with vastu yantras beneath.

Mystic Benefits:-

  • Vastu Space Harmonizer  clears blockages due to negative energy and makes premises more vibrant in a positive way
  • It rejuvenates your place making you more creative and innovative
  • Many serious Vastu defects like missing corners, extended corners, toilets and kitchen in a prohibited zone, etc. get neutralized and life becomes more enjoyable.
  • It removes sick building syndromes & clears toxic aura from the premises.
  • It is a superb harmonizer and hence brings  frequent  joyful moments in the family life

Installation of Vastu Yantra Space Harmonizer:-

  • This yantra can be placed in the center of the house, North-east zone of the house or at the location where you need a strong vastu correction.
  • Vastu Pyramid Yantra should be placed in such a way that a Vastu Purush head points towards the north-east.
  • Students can place them on the study desk in the northeast zone ( a knowledge corner) to enhance academic performance.

 Highly recommended by Vastu Experts & consultant 

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