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Pure Brass Trishakti Yantra Swastik Om Trishul for Home, Office, Shop

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Pure Brass Trishakti Yantra Swastik Om Trishul In Big Size - having Trishul, om and Swastik : panchaloha is a term for traditional five-metal alloys of sacred significance, used for making Hindu temple idols (murti) and other stuff. The method for making panchaloha images was a well-kept secret for a long period. The composition is laid down in the Shilpa shastras, an ancient text on idol making. It is widely believed that wearing jewelry made of panchaloha / panchdhatu brings balance in life, self-confidence, good health, fortune, prosperity, and peace of mind. There are certain things associated with lord shiva. These include the crescent moon on his head, the Ganga flowing from his matted hair and his damru