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Parad Mala 100% Original Mercury Made 54 Beads Mala / Mercury Mala

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This Mercury (Parad) Mala Beads has proven to be the best in terms of destroying all negative aspects surrounded by the worshipper as well as their family.
Padrasam (Mercury) Mala/ Gutika is considered to be the best form of Rosary to bring about Physical, Mental, Spiritual and Intellectual transformation in the human body. Several diseases like heart ailments, anxiety, tension, stress, mental depression, etc. are cured by Padrasam mala.
Sometimes Parad Mala Rosary is more advantageous in controlling illnesses like Asthma, Low Vitality, and High Blood Pressure. Parad also has a very significant role in Ayurveda.
Parad Mala is also proven favorable from an Astrological view. Worshipping or using Parad (Mercury) Mala helps in keeping Ma Laxmi always at home. Parad products give Mokshya and glorifying life.

Colour: Silver
Material: Mercury
Weight: 345gm approx
Shape: Round