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Parad Ganesh Statue Idol for removing obstacles and debt

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Lord Ganesha is the most worshipped deity. As per Ganapatyarth vasheersh, Ganesha is worshipped first because he signifies the essence of human life in the same manner as the divine syllable Om represents the supreme power. Just as every mantra starts with Om similarly every ritual is started with the worship of Ganesha.

The parad Ganesha is worshipped for removing obstacles, and attaining success, wealth, intellect, and health. When one offers puja to this idol, it is equivalent to worshipping the entire family of Ganesha. This bestows peace and divine powers. It gives freedom from debt.

Name: Parad Ganesha / Mercury Ganesha / Ganesha Statue / Ganesha Idol
Purpose: success, prosperity, and wealth
Size: 2.5 cm x 4 cm Approx
Weight: 55 gram Approx
Material: Pure Copper - Excellent Quality