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Navgraha Puja Kit / Navgraha (9 Planets) Pujan Samagri For Pooja Hindu Religion Festival

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The Navgrahas play a major role in deciding the destiny of man. The Navagraha derived from the Sanskrit words 'Nava' and 'Graha'. Nava means 'nine', Graha means ' planet. The Navagraha Gods are Surya(Sun), Chandra(Moon), Mangal(Mars), Budha(Mercury), Guru(Jupiter), Shukra(Venus), Shani(Saturn), Rahu and Ketu.

The effects of worship of navgraha deities are manifested accordingly to the layout of their relative energies in a given nativity of a worshiper in question, in particular depending on the Bhavas occupied by the respective Grahas. "The cosmic energy we always receive contains different energies coming from different celestial bodies." "When we repeatedly utter a Mantra we are tuning to a particular frequency and this frequency establishes a contact with the cosmic energy and drags it into our body and surroundings.

Content Of NavgrahaPuja Kit-
Navgraha Photo Frame,
Gangajal - (50 Ml) , Gomutra- (25 Ml) , Attar - (3 Ml) , Honey (Small Bottle) ,
Puja Shankh,
Haldi , Kumkum, Abir , Gulal , Gopichandan, Astagandha Powder, Sindoor, Rangoli (Approx 100 Gms),
Sandal Paste (20 Gms) ,
Akshada Rice (50 Gms) ,
Brass Bell,
Janeo (1 Quantity),
Cow Ghee (Small Packet),
Navgraha Diya (Small) ,
Holy Thread (1 Roll) ,
Puja Prasad (Mix Dry Fruits- 100 Gms) ,
Supari , Clove , Cardamon (5 Pcs Each) ,
9 Color Alter Cloth (Red, White-2, Orange, Green, Yellow, Black-2, Blue) (1 Meter Each) ,
Dhoop Incense ,
Prasad Containers (10 Pcs) ,
Cotton Wicks ,
Cow Dung Cakes,
Havan Samagri,
Navgraha Yantra,
Navgraha Havan Sticks,
Darbha Grass ,
Navgraha Pujan Book.
Total Weight 3 kgs (Approx)
All Products Are Of High Quality And Will Be Packed In Secured Plastic Bag With Label On Each.

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