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Copper Vastu Laxmi Lotus Swastik Wall Hanging Protects

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Name: Copper Vastu Laxmi Lotus Swastik
Purpose: Copper Vastu Laxmi Lotus Swastik use for wealth and money
Size:  5.5 inch (L x W x H) - 13.5 cm X 13.5 cm X 0.5 cm Approx
Weight: 334 gram Approx

Copper Vastu Laxmi Lotus Swastik is a protective shield and helps to safeguard you and your premises from evil and negativity. Copper Vastu Laxmi Lotus Swastik attracts beneficial powers which help to achieve peace, happiness, prosperity and reach your goals. It helps you in carrying your prayers to the Almighty and in effect brings you closer to Him.