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Copper Strip For Vastu Remedy {8 Feet , 0.2 MM Thickness}

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Description:-This Elemental Strip technique involves the use of different strips to correct the elemental imbalance in a space.

In order to balance the affected zone, Metal strips are inserted on the floor vertically by cutting/drilling on the floor. There are five types of metal strips- Stain steel strip is wood(AIR), Brass-Earth, Aluminium-water, Copper-Fire, and Iron-space, etc. Direction NNE - North North East, NE - North East (Ishan), ENE - East North East, E - East (Purva), ESE - East South East, SE - South East (Agni), SSE - South South East, S - South (Dakshin), SSW - South South West, SW - South West (Nairuti), WSW - West South West, W - West (Pachhim), WNW - West North West, NW - North West (Vayavya), NNW - North North West.

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