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Shiva Purana book - Do’s and Don'ts of Wearing the Holy Rudraksha

Shiva Purana book - Do’s and Don'ts of Wearing the Holy Rudraksha

All the information needed on Rudraksha is in the Shiva Purana and it has nothing to do with wearing synthetic clothing or eating canned food or drinking liquids other than water.

Shiva Purana as the first book written regarding the do’s and don'ts of wearing the Holy Rudraksha as this Holy Book seems to have been written at a time of compassion in the Human History.

Parts of the Shiva Purana Vidyesvara Samhita describe wearing on different parts of body with Isana Mantra, Tripurusa Mantra, Aghora Mantra, Aghora Bija Mantra, Vama Deva Mantra and many more. So this is a good book to have for research into the different Mantras also as they are named and can be found in other texts.

There is a part of the Shiva Purana Vidyesvara Samhita part 32 that goes farther to explain part of what you have asked regarding how to wear for maximum benefit and the Power of the Holy Rudraksha.

A man who is abandoned or who is engaged in impious acts or who is full of all sins becomes free from all sins by wearing a Rudraksa (on his body).

Meaning here is that it is simply necessary to wear the Rudraksha on the body no matter what your starting point and you will change to a better person. Holy Books states that it doesn't matter what clothes you wear or how you lead your life at the present moment. Holy Book states wear the Holy Rudraksha and watch the positive change.

Part of Self-Empowerment is the ability being able to make sense of what people are trying to tell a person what they should do with their lives and each of us can only follow our individual paths according to our Dharma and Karma so as we wear the Holy Rudraksha and chant the Mantras we become more aware and maybe we stop eating as much non veg as we used to and then maybe we change the liquids that we drink naturally and we have to be ready to accept these positive changes if they appear.

A man said to me once, I eat non veg so can I wear, I said according to holy books you can wear however you need to know that you may stop liking. The diet you are on after you have worn Rudraksha for some time. So the constant in the formula is only that you wear no matter what your status and be prepared for change.

This is not the world of the Shiva Purana however the compassionate explanations of how the Holy Beads are to be used are represented faithfully in this book. However, this is not the age of the Shiva Puran, we are in Kali Yuga and this age has different problems. For example, it is common knowledge in our Human History not to eat Pork from Pigs due to a disease that can be transferred to humans ....... as such the Shiva Purana Vedyesvara Samhita part 43 states:

"A Devotee of Shiva shall refrain from eating meat, garlic, onion, red garlic, potherb, slesmataka, pig of rubbish and liquors."

It is not known why some of these items were mentioned as today in India there is a giant onion market and we know today that onions and garlic help the heart and blood system, eating non veg has been made more safe in this age so there are Hindus that do eat non veg and drink liquors. However again if a person starts to wear the Holy Rudraksha and chant the appropriate Mantras they have to expect that there is a chance their life will change to the better.

There are cultural influences found in some of the other Holy Books written at other times in different ages when the culture was suffering a great deal and if you read the Padma Purana you will see the difference between the Shiva Purana that can be considered the Original Book of the Holy Rudraksha and one of the Holy Books that followed in a time of great difficulties in the history of India.

Difficulty in understanding the rules of wearing many times comes from mixing the information from other Holy Books with the Shiva Purana as many additions have been added by other Holy Books.

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